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These pebble pendants are based on the range of textures that are inspired by the shore. There are 3 options as can be seen in the images, brushed, sand and reticulated. Each piece is totally unique and the pebble shapes will vary on every pieces. 


This collection is inspired by the shapes and textures from the pebbles on my local beach here in Pembrokeshire. I love the way the irregular shapes interact and make their own patterns. I love the array of textures created by the different types of rock and their life in the ocean. 

I have interpreted and recreated this in my work by allowing the shapes to form themselves and working with the shapes created in the forming process. I also leave the hammer marks and dents created a long the way, this is to mirror the way the pebbles are textured in a chain process. I like to relinquish control to a certain extent and allow the pieces to form itself. 


I work in eco silver and gold to ensure all my products are as ethically produced as possible. 


All my work is shipped in hand stamped or drawn boxes with a unique design. 


I can repeat any design but due to the nature of my work each piece will vary in texture, shape and size. This is the beauty of buying bespoke handmade jewellery made to order. 


Most of my pieces are made to order this is to avoid wastage and to operate a more sustainable business model. 

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