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This collection is an evolution of my Pebble collection and is based on the same ideas and inspiration with the addition of the tiny rings. This was in part an accident that grew into design. When soldering some tiny jump rings for a pendant I popped them all on a piece of wire to clean up in the pickle, and from there the idea was born. I wanted to find a way to develop the pebbles and add some finer detail as I often saw on the beach pieces of seaweed or driftwood and the way these other objects interact with the pebbles inspired me. This new design allows me to play with the two aspects. 


I work in eco silver and gold to ensure all my products are as ethically produced as possible. 


All my work is shipped in hand stamped or drawn boxes with a unique design. 


I can repeat any design but due to the nature of my work each piece will vary in texture, shape and size. This is the beauty of buying bespoke handmade jewellery made to order. 


Most of my pieces are made to order this is to avoid wastage and to operate a more sustainable business model. 


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